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Running or jogging is one of the best exercises for improving your health, losing weight, and creating a great sense of well-being. No wonder many people want to know how to Jog and start to run to gain these benefits. This is a good start to Fitness.

If you have always desired to jog but have not had the right strategy to get started, that is all about to change. It is not hard to start jogging, all you need is a program that ensures you do not begin to overtrain, that will help ease you into it, not let you wind up getting burnt out or become sore and achy which may lead to disliking the concept of jogging altogether. Note that with this exercise routine, slow and steady is the key from start to fitness.

How to start jogging

It is wise, before beginning any exercising, that you check with a doctor who will advise you on what you can and can’t do. Check to see if you have any medical conditions which require any attention before you start to exercise, and make plans about how hard you can push without straining yourself.

Many beginners start out to Jog too fast and pay the price for this mistake. Frustration, over-exertion, pain are just some of the consequences. Remember to start jogging at a moderate pace e.g. you can easily hold a conversation while jogging.

Stretch before and after your exercise!
Stretching before and after any kind of exercise is really important because it helps to warm up the muscles you are about to work on, preventing injury. Stretching after a workout is equally important as it will reduce muscle soreness as well as help to get your muscles back to their original length.

  • Bend slowly forward, try to touch your toes and hold.
  • Then, kneel on one knee, but try to stretch the opposite foot backward.
  • Also, stretch your arms and grab your elbows behind your back.
  • Bend your body side to side to stretch your core.

Wear a good pair of running shoes. Wearing sports shoes designed for running provides a good protection from sprains and foot blisters.

Wear the right sportswear. Knowing what to wear can help make your jogging experience more enjoyable and encouraging. The clothing accessories include jogging shorts or pants, sweatshirts or hoodies, a shirt, a windbreaker, and scarf or gloves if you are jogging in cold weather, a ball cap or sun visor if the sun is too high up in the sky

Select a safe and good place for your jogging. Avoid jogging on a busy street where there are many vehicles around. In this way, you are not taking the risk of getting hit. Make sure you choose a safe neighbourhood for your jog.

Jogging on pavement (asfalt, concrete): there is less risk of twisting an ankle However, it’s hard on your joints because the pavement does not cushion your steps. Jogging on a soft underground like grass / forest area is soft and provides good cushioning. However the risk of injury increases due to roots and rocks to mention a few. 

Hydrating is very important when jogging, bring a bottle of water. . Or better yet, buy a small bag where you can put your water bottle in, along with a mobile phone that you can use in case of any emergencies.

If you are jogging alone, bring a music player with you like an iPod or any mp4 player. Do not set at full volume though. You might not be able to hear vehicles honking or bicycles ringing at you to get to the side of the street or path.

Measure your weight before and after you jog and record it. You will experience a feeling of self-accomplishment each time you lose weight. This will help motivate you to continue. Set up a goal that helps you track your progress in your jogging program is also a good motivator.

Do not overeat. Exercising and dieting go together to make your weight loss program a success. Proper nutrition helps to control your body weight.

Here are some rules to keep in mind while jogging

Increase your mileage by a maximum of 15% per week. Any more and you’ll probably get injured. Getting Fit takes time!

If anything hurts, STOP! Get it checked out before continuing. If you try to ‘run through the pain,’ you’ll make whatever it is much worse, and risk being off running for some time while it heals and it is hard to start again.

Don’t try to run every day. You need at least one full day off every 7 Days to allow your body to recover. The optimum amount of rest between runs is 36 – 48 hours. Running every second day is the best combination in order to avoid overstress injuries. You can do other forms of exercise in between if you like, but always have one day a week where you do NOT do any serious forms of exercise. For example, walking is okay, playing football isn’t.

If it gets boring, change things around a bit such as running different routes, running at different speeds, joining a club or running alone. Just do something different to keep it interesting.


Start Fitness : Remember these guidelines plus all the safety measures that are common to anyone who ventures out on the streets and trails. If you do, you will find that jogging is not only a healthy activity but a refreshing one as well. Nothing stands in your way to get fit now!

Good to know: Jogging Versus Running

The difference between running and jogging is the intensity. Running is faster, uses more energy and demands more effort from the heart, lungs and muscles than jogging. Running requires a higher level of overall fitness than jogging. Both running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’. The term, aerobic exercise, means any physical activity that produces energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat. 



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